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tak boleh nafikan lagi , i really do love him only. tak boleh nak berdalih lagi . saya memang kunci hati saya, dan hanya dia di hati saya, mr juekay's. lama saya menipu diri sendiri untuk menghilangkan rasa sayang saya untuk dia. but, i cannot ! saya takboleh . saya dah cuba. saya mintak maaf. kali ni , saya nampak status facebook awak . saya benar benar terasa. 

seriously , kali ni saya taktipu. saya takboleh nak belagak dengan awak saya tak sayang awak . itu tipu. saya mengaku. saya mengaku . 

ohmayGod i am looking back trough my past makes me realize how wonderful my life have change now. i really believe that you're the greatest thing that ever happened in my life, i swear !. you always have this ability to make me smiling and you always make things better even if my day going bad. i don't care about what other people say or think about you and us. i do love you for who you are.. thanks for accepting my imperfections as i accepted your flaws. i'd like you to stay for a very long time and i'm hoping you will never step back and leave me, In Shaa Allah :)

keep it REAL ! tulis blog pakai ♥

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